What is GameX? What are we doing here?

Heya Medium! I’m Lisa, Community Manager of GameX (https://gamex.co.in). Nice to e-meet Y’all!

We are really excited to have our place in Medium and we feel that we are even too late to join, but better late than never right?

GameX is a gaming-themed cryptocurrency and it’s built on Waves Blockchain as one of its tokens. While “gaming-themed” sounds like a generic term, it’s actually suited to the big picture that we have in mind.

We started our journey in January 2018 with having 3 main projects in mind. These are GX Marketplace, GX In-Die Club, and GX GPU Mining Hub. Before explaining what are those, let me tell you about us a little.

We are a small group of guys and gals actually. You may think us a family & friends club. So basically, if you expect a renowned CEO of a renowned company, son of a billioniare or industry-expert advisor here, I’m sorry but you’d disappointed.

Our group came together with Orkun’s (known as Kraeius) never-ending efforts to join this hard-to-survive cryptocurrency industry. The thing that we had in common was to play video games on computer, console and mobile platforms. Even though we were scared with the idea of building a gaming crypto-ecosystem on a technology that still has its mysteries, we liked the idea of being a part of it and started to work. Why not anyway?

Majority of our team is from Software Quality Assurance industry while others are divided between, Agile consultation, Self-Development, and Telecommunication. We are most experienced in telecommunication, banking, automotive and visual/printed media sectors.

In crypto-world, we have invested in cloud mining, mobile (dynamic location) mining, crypto-mobile hardware and participated in Proof of Stake forging for some major coins.

GameX had a symbolic ICO in January 2018 to get some assistance from gaming enthusiasts. It was for two weeks with just a Bitcointalk.org thread as an announcement/marketing place.

We call it symbolic because we didn’t try hard for it and didn’t really relied on it. There was no soft and hard cap, no marketing campaign, no banners, no ads. Just a bitcointalk.org thread which jumped 10 pages back in a second due to comments of other threads. Ours also deleted 3 times due to bounty talk.

The result was also symbolic as you may guess. The thing that we ignored was the possible change that may occur in the industry. When we started, Bitcoin was around $20K and new coin/token generation was active but they were on manageable numbers. Everything changed in two months. Bitcoin saw the deep and thousands of tokens emerged. We then understood that we should have taken ICO serious.

After-ICO period had its hardships and challenges but that slackwit looking group could build the foundations of their new home, GameX.

As of now, GameX has 1.3 million GX on circulation with around 3K unique holders. We are listed on two exchanges, Waves-DEX and Exrates.me. Our platform had 1 million unique visitors with 3.5 million page views and 1.45 min. average session time, just in March 2018. Our GX Alliance program has 77K registered members. And now, we take things really serious!

You could be asking, “So where we will use that GX tokens?”. The answer is coming;

GameX has three main projects called GX Marketplace, GX In-Die Club, and GX GPU Mining Hub. GX tokens will be used on this projects as the main fuel of GameX’s ecosystem. Since it’s a utility token, most of the main functionalities will need GX to execute. Let me write a brief description for each, we’ll dive into details about them separately.

GX Marketplace

First one in our roadmap and one of the common features of many other gaming-themed coins/tokens. A marketplace that will let holders buy, sell and trade game codes, in-game items and such.

GX In-Die Club

A platform that will let individual developers present their projects to the community to get a funding support.

GX GPU Mining Hub

Everyone’s favorite project, a typical cloud mining that is related to gamers’ main hardware, GPUs. It’s the last one on our roadmap and it’s implementation possibility and date is directly related to the financial status of our platform.

GX Alliance

It’s our marketing project to build a community with increased user loyalty until our utility projects released and actively used. It rewards our users with daily visits and referring new members to our platform. It’s a continuous way to earn GX with mining-mimicking ways (as idea, there is no mining).

Participants may hold their tokens for future uses, withdraw to their wallets, trade on exchanges or buy raffle tickets and have a chance to win video games.

As the end of April 2018, we have 77K registered GX Alliance members.

GX Raffle Store

This store has been released in March 2018 to give an alternative way to our GX holders to spend their tokens. The store has some video games, mostly for Steam and GX rewarding raffles in it. Users that don’t want to hold or trade their tokens, buy tickets on the store and try their lucks for raffles.

We list each winner on our “Hall of Winners” page with releasing their names, age, city, country and a selfie of them. Reason to release such personal information is to eliminate possible thoughts of fraud raffle results. This way, we see the winner altogether.

From now on, GameX will use Medium as it’s blog to publish major news, changes, implementations, and guides. I’m finishing our first post here at Medium with adding technical details and specifications of GX token.

See you, peeps!

Token Name: GameX

Token Symbol: GX

Token Standard: Waves Platform

Issue Date: 06.01.2018 07:33

Max. Token Issue Volume: 10 Billion

Decimals: 2

Reissuable: No

Technology: Scala

Block Time: 1 Block / Min

Network Fee: 0.001 WAVES

Proof Type: PoS (Waves)

Issuer: 3PEekt4rw2odaWBcn1uv6ixhrGfGJyf7HtF

Waves Identifier: GFiWx4dcceJXGWfHc53GMXEidpciUCN5tnHUwE18NEfY

GameX Website: https://gamex.co.in/

Contact Email: contact@gamex.co.in

BTCTalk Announcement Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2857972

BTCTalk Bounty Hunting Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2808298

Github: https://github.com/wavesplatform

Blockchain Explorer: http://wavesexplorer.com/

Nodes: https://nodes.wavesnodes.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamex_co_in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamex.co.in/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gamex.co.in/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameXCommunity/

Telegram: https://t.me/gamex_co_in

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@gamex.official

Medium: https://medium.com/@gamex

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