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May 20, 2018

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Recap for May and The Road Ahead

Hi everyone,

With this article, I’ll give you some insight about GameX’s current status, what’s happening on our end, what are we working on and such. I’ll try to be short and brief about them to don’t bore you much :)

Implementation of GX FaucAd

GX FaucAd is a traditional faucet system with an additional feature to buy ad units on the page. Each hour you can get 1–3 GX (generated randomly as X.XX and min. / max. amount is determined GX current value and GX FaucAd’s general income).

Ad Manager feature allows you to buy an Ad Unit for a periof of time. Currently it can be Impression and Time based. Until your campaign ends, the banner image and it’s link is added to our banner rotation.

Changes in development

  • Reduction of cost and Increase of Impression, Time and Click rates,
  • Dashboard notification system for Ad Manager,
  • Implementation of Nightmare Mode to FaucAd which will give small bonus to earned GX when enabled

GX Alliance

Our mining-like program to promote GX and build a loyal user-base, GX Alliance continues to grow each day. Thanks to that we have around 800K — 1M unique traffic each month and have 79K registered members as of May 20. Until now, we have sent 1.4M GX to our participants and we have more than 3.5K unique holders.

Changes in development

  • New achievements will be added for GX Raffle Store ticket purchases, GX FaucAd claims, GX Deposit transfers and GX Playground earnings,

Redesign of GX Raffle Store

Raffle store was an experimental approach to see if our users are interested to use their GX on raffles rather than keeping them for future uses. We noticed that many have used their tokens and participated in the raffles and we decided to keep it continue with a new improved script.

Program earned the trust of our users since we release the winners with their personal information and a photos on our Hall of Winners page.

Changes in development

  • Each raffle item (games or GX based raffles) will have it’s own page and will show statistical information with names of participants, tickets purchased and such,
  • Raffles that related to earning more GX will be added with different options due to high interest on them,

Telegram Group

We’ve had a Telegram channel to publish some major news about GameX but we’ve heard many complaints about not having a group. We’ve listened our community and opened our group. Better late than never right? :)

You can join our Telegram Group via this link:

GX Playground

GameX is partnered with Cloud Games to publish their games on our platform. These are mostly HTML5 games that keep their data on sessions and cookies. They’ll be great to have some fun while waiting for faucet claims or just killing some time.

To make it appealing, users that play these games will earn GX regularly. Amount of GX and it’s earning frequency will be determined on different activities and will be kept hidden. Basically, more you play, more you’ll earn.

It’s expected to be released to public in June, 2018.

New Exchanges to List GX

Our close followers know that we have stopped applying to new exchanges except a few ones. We believe we need to be more established and prepared to get listed on big exchanges and decided to focus on our projects. But of course, we don’t completely ignore everything related to exchanges around us and keeping our communication channels open for cooperation with new ones especially.

GameX joined to the voting for AdzBuzz’s newly emerged exchange. AdzBuzz is the platform of ERC20 token, AdzCoin. Their profit share system on content publishing and management makes their platform unique on many fronts. We decided to let our community know that, they can vote for GX to be listed there.

In a week or so, thanks to our great community we have placed GX to the 1st place with beating other 940 coins/tokens that is listed on AdzBuzz forum.

Other than AdzBuzz, we have also in active contact with 2 more exchanges that is planning to list GX very soon. Since the deals are not concluded, I can’t share names.

GX Marketplace Lite-Beta Version

One of the major projects of GameX that we have started our journey with is, as you know, GX Marketplace. While working on GX Raffle Store, we also developed some of the aspects of Marketplace and we plan to release it’s first lite-beta version in July.

This version will have some games listed on the marketplace that our users could buy with using cryptocurrencies. We plan to add 40+ coins as payment option. GX tokens will be used to have discounts on purchases made at first stage.

Marketplace lite-beta version will have popular Steam, Origin, uPlay and other studios’ games to purchase and key deliverances will be made as soon as transactions are confirmed.

Next stage for Marketplace will be adding the feature of peer-listing service. Our users that have game key codes will be able to add offers as an addition to GameX’s main offer. Our customers will be able to choose the offer that they seem more profitable and may buy that key directly from lister.

For such trades, GameX will be the middle man to complete their transaction securely. Final transaction will be completed only when both parties verify their trade.

Cooperation with Waves Platform and Waves Lab

As one of the popular tokens of Waves, GameX has close ties with the management of Waves Platform and Waves Lab. Our platforms work closely to increase the user base of Waves and Waves-based tokens with taking part on marketing and promotional activities. GameX also supports Waves with leasing WAVES to some major nodes to fasten the transaction processes.

With Waves’ new project Waves Gaming, our cooperation is expected to be expanded on many fronts.

Our team also plan to have an active role as a Waves Ambassador.

Waves Lab had a place for GameX on one of their articles recently, you can read it here;

What also we have in mind?

There are many things we have in mind for GameX. Our current focus is to complete our utility projects and give GX tokens a more meaning to hold or use. We have a steady way to distribute GX to our community, now we are creating new ways to use them.

To that end, we should also notify our active community members that, these are golden times to earn GX. With each new utility project we release, earning GX will be harder and amounts will be reduced periodically.

We have some project and program names for you to list here but we can’t give any details about them and can’t tell you when we expect them to be released. These are what we have in mind and they will be implemented after the release of first lite-beta version of GX Marketplace;

  • GX Virtual Mining (Mining Game that Pays),
  • GXChange (Mini-Exchange for GX and Major Coins),

That’s all for now folks! Don’t forget to follow us here to learn other major news and updates in future.

Take care!

Rosa, Account and Project Manager of GameX (GX)