It’s Time for ERC20-GX

Token-Swap Process

New Major Changes and Additions

New Dashboard of GX Alliance

User Types

GX Rank

Loyalty Points (LP)

Daily GX Reward

New Leveling System

Dynamic GX Playground and GX Faucet Rewards

Account Notice

Team’s Current Task List

  • Activation of Deposit and Withdrawal Sections
  • First Exchange Integration (It’s actually done and it’ll be AdzX. We just wait for the go signal)
  • 2nd Exchange Integration and Its Campaign (One of our partners have opened a new exchange, we’ll join their campaign and voting process)
  • Verification of Remaining KYC Applications
  • Nightmare Mode for GX Faucet
  • GX Raffle Store, Reward Distribution (8 games waiting for raffle results, sorry guys for the delay)
  • Restocking of GX Raffle Store (Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl will be the first)
  • Addition of New Games to GX Playground
  • Redesign of GX Marketplace (ETH will be the only coin to purchase games)
  • Implementation GXTra, A New Section (It’ll be another revenue stream for GameX and our users)
  • Implementation of GX Mining Hub (Yes, it’s coming…)
  • Preparations for New Fund-Raising Campaign
  • We’ll aggressively apply for new exchanges. Since we are an ERC20 token now, it’ll be easier to be accepted by exchanges.
  • We’ll advertise GameX on some of the popular platforms to increase our user-base.




NextGEN Gaming Cryptocurrency |

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GameX (GX)

GameX (GX)

NextGEN Gaming Cryptocurrency |

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