Essential role of gaming during lockdown isolation

The world does not stand still and our life is gradually changing in accordance with new trends and demands of society. However, over 2020–2021 year, the way of life habitual for each of us has changed significantly. With the prolonged isolation, it became clear that indeed the major part of our life and communication takes place online.

During pandemic time, it was an extreme growth of gaming, that shows us that many people entered this new territory in their search of so important and so needed connection with other people. All gamers know that playing games online not only about meeting strangers from all over the world, but also about making beautiful friendships-on-distance. Gaming world welcomed all the new members and provided emotional and psychological support, especially for those people who were locked alone in isolation.

During pandemic, we spent most of the time locked at home, but gaming gave us the opportunity to travel between different digital worlds, having this joyful time alone or with other players — but we got our help in life appreciation.

Colorful playful worlds gave us the opportunity to get positive emotions and, at least for a while, stay away from negative thoughts. Alone or with cooperation with other players, we were exploring the universe and its creations, we were enjoying the views. Horror worlds gave us the necessary emotional release and the opportunity to plunge into a mystical adventure. The same time, all the popular shooter games helped us to release all the stress and disappointment of isolation time during active exploration of opponents’ play territory. Also, of course, we can’t forget about simple, but powerful flesh and mobile games that helped us to spend our time in more entertaining way.

For a long time gaming is one of the most popular activities for people around the world, but right now, in this hard time, it became one of fundamentally important activities that we can take part in. Nobody knows what will be in the future and how our life will be changed further, but definitely, gaming will continue its grow of existential meaning in our life. Digital gaming worlds proved their usability and healing effect even for newcomers that were pretty skeptic about such time-spending.

Gaming is the way we bring colors, energy and great company for your wonderful journey through digital worlds.




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