Each of us, even if those who don’t spend much time in games, have tried some of those options, whether on mobile or any other gadget. The gaming industry is growing rapidly, things that have been considered as “something for the nerds” is a casual activity right now with the huge variety of different kinds of people joining the digital worlds. If you want to join, you are welcome, everybody is a gamer now.

When gaming gained such a scale, all kinds of companies started to pay the huge attention on it. Nowadays, huge and small brands understand how important…

We live in the digital world, where we most of the time access different kind of systems and screens for our daily life. We access the knowledge, using navigator or online maps to find the place we need, we use the digital world for work and rest. We get all kinds of emotions online, some of them good and some bad for us, but we can’t avoid their effect on us. The fact is that nowadays, it is better to have some small amount of screen time than none, our daily routine is already connected with it strongly.

Video games…

Recent years have changed our lives a lot, we have become more digital, and most of our communication with other people has begun to happen on the internet. Those people who haven’t been gaming fans, on their searches of a new way of communication during isolation, joined the new sphere — and they are staying in gaming community even after lockdown restrictions are getting over. Each new player has found the game fitting the best with all the advantages the new gamer has searched for.

Single-player games are fun and certainly have their place in many gamers’ hearts as perfect-fit…

The world does not stand still and our life is gradually changing in accordance with new trends and demands of society. However, over 2020–2021 year, the way of life habitual for each of us has changed significantly. With the prolonged isolation, it became clear that indeed the major part of our life and communication takes place online.

During pandemic time, it was an extreme growth of gaming, that shows us that many people entered this new territory in their search of so important and so needed connection with other people. All gamers know that playing games online not only about…

Hi all! I’m Rosa from GameX.

I know it’s been too long since you last heard from us. We were in some state of standby or something and mostly just maintained GX Raffle Store and it’s reward distributions. But we are updating our roadmap and already started to make necessary changes.

BuzzeX Exchange

One of the biggest news we have for you that GameX’s listing on BuzzeX Exchange. If you have been with us since a while, you would know BuzzeX via AdzBuzz. …

So, finally, we have completed our token-swap process and moved to ERC20. Let’s make a wrap-up.

Token-Swap Process

On September 20, 2018, we have let our community know about the decision of token-swap from Waves Platform to Ethereum’s ERC20. Before that, we have made two different polls, one is private and one is public on Twitter, to know the thoughts of our community. After getting the results in favor of ERC20 with the rate of around 70%, we have made our final decision with ease of mind.

Since that time, we were completing transactions of our users. With a new KYC rule…

Final Decision of GameX (Regarding Token-Swap)

Before we had some serious problems with Waves Platform, we never planned such a platform change. When we thought that it’s maybe time to move on, we wanted to learn the opinion of our user-base.

Our first closed poll which conducted on GameX with optional comment field resulted as 73% for Ethereum and 27% for staying on Waves. Comments were also mostly in favor of ERC20. Some users also suggested TRON.

While we were doing that poll, we were waiting for a solution to our latest issues with Waves, we gave them time to act but they didn’t care much…

Hi, all it’s Rosa again ^^

As you know we have had some major changes on GameX lately and I hope to answer most of your questions with this article. I’ll write it in a question and answer format and hope to cover most of the things you may wonder about.

Let’s start with some history…

Why did we choose Waves Platform in the first place?

Because it was (and still is) very user-friendly and easy. Creating a token in a few minutes or maybe seconds via a UI is really appealing.

Also, Waves has it’s default exchange for its tokens, so we didn’t really need to bother to find…

Status of the Blockchain Industry

Hey everyone, it’s Rosa again!

As you probably noticed, the whole cryptocurrency industry‘s market value is decreasing steadily. Time to time, it gets a pump but generally, it loses it's value and possibly it’s active trader base.

It’s not the end of the world though. We think that it stabilizes itself in general trading market and building its roots. The negative effect of these changes mostly would affect ICOs and their investors.

It’s Effect on GameX

GameX started its journey in January 2018 without having an ICO funding (except a few supporters). …

Hi all!

Even while we are still in June, we wanted to share a few things with you without waiting July. Enjoy the read!

GX FaucAd to GX Faucet

As you know, that program’s name was FaucAd when we first implemented it. We wanted to let our users spend their tokens to purchase ad unit slots on our website to promote their websites and such. Many of you have used that feature but we decided to remove that because it wasn’t really proper for a gaming website.

We have a plan for future, actually, it was always in our minds. A program we call as…

GameX (GX)

NextGEN Gaming Cryptocurrency | https://gamex.co.in

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